Blue Snowflakes

With Baltimore City currently experiencing one of the worst outbreaks of violence in recent history, Mayor Catherine Pugh has fallen back on the tired argument that the city is short on cops. A department that has a budget of over $500 million, but somehow they don’t have enough cops or the tools to reduce violence.

There have been 250 murders in Baltimore City this year and 44 in the past 30 days, and while Mayor Pugh is busy blaming the violence on drug dealers and a shortage of cops, the police union is focused on something much more serious… Saturday Night Live.

Yes, the big brave men and women in blue apparently can’t tolerate the “massive amounts of criticism and disrespect” heaped upon them by an SNL skit.

Maybe people wouldn’t be so quick to criticize and lampoon a police department that is costing Baltimore taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars annually to support if they focused on actually preventing violence and stopping rampant corruption.